Saturday, 21 December 2013

The finished Dulcijo.

Finished Dulcijo with my Dulcimer, it sounds amazing!A real authentic banjo sound and really loud! I've been having fun playing my dulcimer tunes on it though bcz it's played like a a guitar rather than across the lap it reverses all the fingering!  I'll post some better photos when I have the chance to take them and maybe a video once I've leart to play it better, I keep meaning to visit my local folk club again and this is just the thing to take along. The lower picture is of the drone string nut arrangement, using a slotted screw for a nut and another filed down into a hook. 
A short festive demo. Good-King-Wenceslas

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Dulcijo neck progress

Laid out to see how it'll look

Working out the neck angle, a tricky job I often get wrong!

Neck heel shaping

A new neck extension rod made from scraps, drilling the hole in the neck at the correct angle is going to be difficult!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Some Dulcijo progress

Dulcijo neck cut out but despite having the time to work on it (as I'm unemployed - yet again) it's far too cold to do much out here.

Friday, 25 October 2013


reskinned my "Ganjo" with a proper vellum skin, a tricky job in itself! The "ganjo" was a short necked guitar(ish) banjo I built several years ago by making a new neck for a zither banjo with a broken neck  but still wasn't happy with the result, nothing wrong with the reskinning but like most guitar banjos 6  strings make it sound muddy and the lower two don't sound good at all! But then stumbled across the Dulcijo
,  a cross between the dulcimer and banjo that really does sound authentic  and  (unlike the steel guitar) is immediately playable so have decided to covert it into one of these.Listen to this!

                                              Ready for bandsawing...more to come!

Lap Steel

I've always loved the sound of the lap steel and built this in June-July but C6 tuning has no relation to standard guitar tuning and I can't play it at all! Just as well it didn't cost much to build!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The perils of Danish oil

I wanted to make my guitar look pretty and make the body colour match the neck so I decided to apply some danish oil as this was far easier to apply than varnish, I had heard not being hard like a varnish that it could effect the sound quality but considered my box guitar to lowly for it to notice WHAT A MISTAKE! The moment I wiped some across the sound board it was like my strings had aged a year or two! Instant mahogany to plywood! I know it hasn't had a chance to dry yet but  I've already unstrung it and scraped down the top under the strings and intend to do the rest in time,the top is super thick so it isn't exactly risky and  hopefully it will start to improve once the oil has dried a bit more. 
 --------------------------- That was on Tuesday, last night (Friday) it had improved a little but not back to anything like how it was but I took it out to an acoustic open floor night but was glad I took an amp bcz it was almost inaudible even in a quiet venue like that. But through an amp it sounded GREAT and got encouraging comments from other players, I think I have a new main gigging guitar!