Saturday, 28 March 2015

Nearly a year?! Oil Can Guitar

Has it nearly been a year? Whoops! I'd better update you with my latest projects then!
Since my last post I've built an oil can guitar, made my own pickup winder and wound my own low impedance pickups and recorded a cd!
I'd seen oil can guitars on the internet before and thought them rather cool but wasn't sure how musically useful they'd be, more ppl seem to just play blues on them (nothing wrong with that)
After the success of my mahogany one piece ukulele necks I thought I'd try a guitar one but fitting the truss rod in from the back means levelling and making parallel both sides of the neck blank so (being lazy) why no install it from the top Mosrite Brass rail style? The pickups were liberated from the "Les Pew" which now has my home made low impedance ones but I'll keep that for another post.
Working on razor thin sheet steel is far more hazardous and hard work than wood! But the resulting guitar is very versatile and if capoed on the 5th fret upwards immediately sounds like your in an African Township! Great for Reggae too! Heres's some photos.