Monday, 21 September 2009

Gary's music Club Gig

The gig at Gary’s went pretty well and the Mike Piggott trio where brilliant as always as for me the rotary speaker preformed perfectly and I even got a few laughs but I was annoyed as I made a bit of a mistake in my Beatles rendition but recovered from it ok. The worst thing was I let down by not having a sound check and worse still nobody on the sound system as my mic wasn’t loud enough! Thankfully two of my three songs were instruments but it spoilt it somewhat for me. Gary was cool about it all though and has asked me to play another 20 minute spot at the open mic in December. A bit of a consolation was that I won tickets in the raffle to see Angie Palmer at the next show which I was keen to go to anyway.
Here is a shaky clip of me with Gary on my homemade bass playing my instrumental adaption of Nancy Kelly's song Manzanita Wind.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

It don't impress me much.

My co-worker has been going on about his “new” car so in a way of reply here is the beginning of a song I’ve been writing:

(To the traditional tune)

Oh Lord DON’T you buy me a Mercedes Benz
I couldn’t afford to service it or pay the insurance premiums
I’d rather buy an old Nissan Primera for a song
Five hundred thousand Asian taxi drivers can’t be wrong.

To Be Continued….

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A second guest appearance at Gary's Club.

I'm getting excited because on Saturday 19th September I'm playing another 20 minute guest spot at Gary's Club, I'll be playing a couple of instrumentals using my homemade gear namely my "Les Pew" guitar and my rotary speaker, even the Ale-o-phone might make an appearance!

The main attraction is The Mike Piggott Trio. Advance booking is recommended, reservations are coming in already & a sell out is anticipated.

Other performers during the evening include,
The Maypole Band

My friend Claire Downes is the club's resident photographer so I should have some professional pictures to post here soon afterwards!

7.30pm for 8pm start,
Coolham Village Hall, A272 nr Billingshurst, West Sussex RH13 8QN