Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Bass demo video.

PS I said that pick up was made from a security access door magnet but I've just discovered they are normally used as fire door magnets.http://www.firedoormagnets.co.uk/

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

1 string bass- close up photos

I'll let the photos speak for themselves as I'm hopeless at putting captions between the HTML codes!

1 string bass- nearly done!

I have just the last the last finishing touches to sort out including a preamp, the sound is great, just like a boomy tea chest bass but the level too low. Also find it a stronger spike! Close up photos and a sound sample as soon as it's ready!
Have just had the preamp working ..WOW! But it's a shame I have to fit a plastic box on it to house the pcb, battery and output jack bcz it spoils the simple low tech appearance, maybe I can paint it to hide the black plastic?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

1 string bass

I've been temporally distracted from the acoustic guitar idea, last Friday my contract came to an end so I'm out of work again! That night I took my one string diddely bow along to Gary Holder's club at Copsale to play the unemployed blues and had so much fun with it Gary asked if I could make him a bass version. I have these two square pieces of pine that came from the bottom of that pine dining room table I was given and they seem to lend them selves the having a proper neck angle. I'm thinking of joining them with a hinge so the string height can be adjusted from the back giving you the choice weather to play it with a slide or as a fretless "skiffle" bass. The pickup is the same as mine, it being a magnetic security door catch! These improvised one pole pick ups have a great sound low output having a DC resistance of only 60 ohms so I'll fit a preamp into it. Remember my headless bass? Have a look at the bridge! ;)