Friday, 25 October 2013


reskinned my "Ganjo" with a proper vellum skin, a tricky job in itself! The "ganjo" was a short necked guitar(ish) banjo I built several years ago by making a new neck for a zither banjo with a broken neck  but still wasn't happy with the result, nothing wrong with the reskinning but like most guitar banjos 6  strings make it sound muddy and the lower two don't sound good at all! But then stumbled across the Dulcijo
,  a cross between the dulcimer and banjo that really does sound authentic  and  (unlike the steel guitar) is immediately playable so have decided to covert it into one of these.Listen to this!

                                              Ready for bandsawing...more to come!

Lap Steel

I've always loved the sound of the lap steel and built this in June-July but C6 tuning has no relation to standard guitar tuning and I can't play it at all! Just as well it didn't cost much to build!