Saturday, 25 July 2009

New project- The foot operated ale-o-phone.

New project

I thought i would like to add a little simple percussion to my music and the traditional folk instrument and indeed by product of the genre the beer cap encrusted broom handle shaker thingy seems to fit the bill but how to play it when playing the guitar?

When my daughter was about 12 she decided that she wanted to take up the drums and really did show a lot of early promise but thankfully for our sanity it went no further other than a friend(?) donating what was supposed to become the first installment of her first drum kit; a high hat with a rather rusty stand. This stand has languished in our shed for about 8 years and has surprisingly not got anymore rusty Anyhow I guess by now you might have put two and two together, yes it's the Foot operated Largerphone! Well it is called a lagerphone in Australia but as I'm from England and my beer bottle caps are from bottles of bitter maybe it should be a bitterphone or even a real ale-o-phone-ok not very catchy. But this Largerphone will hit the stage to make it stomp in true Seasick Steve style. So it will be half drum kit high hat stand half beer bottle cap shaky foot stompy thing, how folk rock is that?! Also (as if I've ever needed it) I have an excuse to buy beer! Photos to follow!

This chap seem to have the right idea:


  1. Andy! what a cool idea, especially for a guitarist. (It'd be a little hard as a keyboard player to man two foot pedals). One of our more prominent local singer/songwriters, Billy Braun (brother to Muzzie Braun and uncle to Reckless Kelly - Muzzie's boys), uses a drum machine as well as a bubble blower! (oh no your NEXT project!!) Anyway, it really adds to his one-man band show, so there you go!

  2. I've realized that even if i finnish it in time I doubt if I will be a proficient enough player to play it at Gary's club.
    Reckless Kelly? Not a relation I take it? Maybe he's a relation of Wreckless Eric!
    PS I've just gained another bottle cap jingle and am enjoying the contents of the bottle!