Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A rotary speaker tune

As you can hear it has a strange whrily- floaty sound, almost like an electric piano. What you are missing out on is the amazing stereo effect bcz it is recorded in mono. I am playing the "Les Pew" (See my first blog) it's just out of camera shot bcz I couldn't get the camera any further back even though it is out side of the shed door! I can just about get my two amps and pedal board into my tiny workshop and have enough room to play but I wouldn't get to practice much with it if I had to set it up in the front room! I wish we had a garage!

1 comment:

  1. digital smigital, Andy...rock on, man...or jazz on. There's no substitute for the real thing. It sounds great, even in mono. I'm a bit envious.

    It reminds me of a late night in Austin, TX, back in the eighties when I had my first real life encounter with a Leslie.

    MS Quixote