Friday, 19 March 2010

Speaker cabinet ideas

Here's a little sketch.

It's a little more difficult to build but I'm thinking of a design with gold speaker cloth that wraps around the corners with three black bars that protect it , this means that I can use ordinary material for the cloth as it only has to keep dust out is far cheaper and I get far more choice of styles, I don't anything to be recognized as looking like it from anther manufacturer eg Marshall or Vox,I want my gear to look different and eye catching! The words Hi Fidelity are a nod towards it's origins and are true too, rather out of the ordinary for a guitar amplifier!


  1. ha ha, nice sketch!

    you should go for paisley cloth...

  2. Yes I get where you're coming from Bertram with the paisley but it reminds me of the late 60's and Cream and Hendrix and thet's not what I play, I'm thinking of more a silky patterned gold look, more like an old radio speaker, more kind of folky or jazzy if that makes any sense. Think mellow rather than loud.