Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Summer break

Well it’s mid summer, the folk club is having abreak till September and my next booked open mic isn’t till October. So a break from music for a bit and time to spend with my family. I have a cunning plan to keep my 15 year old son off of the computer ,I’ve just bought a 2 metre wingspan radio controlled model glider/sail plane kit , it will be good to spend some quality father /son time building and learning how to fly it! I notice that people are fixing phones and cameras to their models and uploading their aerial movies to youtube, I guess I’ll have to risk taking my ipod for a flight!
Here’s one I found taken on the hill we hope to fly our from, who needs to charter a helicopter to make films like these? Ok not very summery but a good movie!


  1. Don't risk your iPod. Fix one of these babies on: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/New-Spy-Keychain-Key-chain-keyring-mini-spy-camera-DVR-/230498185714

    They are small, light, and very cheap. I've seen footage made with these and it really is quite good.

  2. Thanks Gavin I've just checked them out for myself on youtube and the quality is about the same as the ipod and is about a 20th of the price!