Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Diddley Pew

Inspired by Shelley's Rickey's Piggy diddley bow I decided to build one of my own using up one of my last pieces of pew I found whilst tidying up my shed. Diddley Pew? I was stuck for a tuning peg so am hoping to use a bicycle gear change lever! See I'm using up that cycle junk already! Photos and demo soon! Pepare your selves for some authentic deep south (of England) blues!
Meanwhile here is Sea Sick Steve showing us how it should be done!

Btw When I say everything I do on it sounds bad you'll probobly just have to agree.


  1. Cool. I'm making some more. I think they are so neat!

  2. Inspired idea. I look forward to seeing it.

  3. This inspires me to make a diddley bow. Anyone ever done one on the wall?

  4. Thanks! :0) Yes they are (normally) perfect for painting art on, looking forward to seeing more of your creations Shelley!

    What do you mean by wall Mike?