Tuesday, 15 February 2011

My dulcimer finally in one piece!

It's nice to finally have my dulcimer in one peice! There are a few jobs to be done, the main one is to chisel the peg head slot into more of a wedge shape to give the strings clearance also there are a few problems to over come like repair the corner where the top has been cut too small (Duh) and I've discoved that the sides are only stained and if you even some much as touch them with a tool they need to be touched up. But I think it will scrub up nicely when it is varnished (or laquered) Being plywoodI'm not expecting too much in the way of bright tone but I held a string on an electric guitar on the bridge and it sounded pretty loud. One thing that seperates a dulc from a guitar is that a ducimer's top is not a structual part so does not effect sustain, the body is simply a sound box, an acoustic amplifier if you like, the structusal part is called the staff, mine has a peice of mahogany running all the way from the nut to the bridge. Can't wait to get it strung up!

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