Saturday, 21 April 2012

My instruments being played at GJ's Guitar Eprium.

Had fun at the club at GJ's Guitar Emporium last Tuesday, full to capacity and there were lots of really good performances. I did a talk about my intruments and managed to rope friends from the Copsale club into playing some of my instruments Thomas Holder and me had been jamming together using the chord progression for the chorus of The Four Tops -Main Street People so I thought I'd learn the whole song. The video really catcpures the sound of the rotary speaker albeit in mono! It's a shame my guitar is a little loud in the verses I think my compressor pedal got accidentally left on. Would have preferred to have had a mic but there you go, it;s supposed to be an acoustic club so I was already breaking the rules! ;)

Also Derek and Liz Eastwood of Bamboozle offered to play two of my ukuleles, Gary Holder got to grips with the one string bass, wasn't convinced my guitar was in tune with them so aren't playing much, shame the video camera ran out of memory.

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