Saturday, 14 April 2012

Window display at GJ's Guitar Eporium.

After a long silence I'd better update you with my recent events!
Thanks to my friend music club owner Gary Holder I have been given the opportunity to display my collection the window of the music shop that hosts one his monthly clubs which I will be performing at on Tuesday. Hopefully it will drum up a little publicity for his club. I haven't been able to find "permanent" job yet and have done a couple of subcontracts so am thinking about making guitars if not full time in the gaps between conventional work at least to start with, I realize that to survive in the guitar making game you have to be a little different, so was wondering weather people would be interested in simple -affordable instruments made from locally sourced reclaimed timbers so I want to gauge the republic's reaction and get some feedback I've written brief descriptions for each instrument on the florescent labels and the business idea I just explained to you. So far the reaction has been very positive.

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