Sunday, 20 January 2013

Neck joint block in place.

I've glued in a block to support the neck joint and am using temporary screws to clamp  it in place, the top one will disappear under the heel on the neck and the bottom on will be filled and re-drilled for the strap button.
As you can see the box is very scruffy and maybe now would be the best time to sand it down before I fit the neck and bridge. I'm annoyed that last summer I stupidly damaged the top with my plane right near the sound port and it is probably not possible to make the thing look pristine anymore, but would that really be in keeping with the spirit of the project? It's just ironic that the parts that came from the skip are like the day they left the shop! I have a can of danish oil but that would mean sanding off all of the varnish, it's snowing out side and the workshop is a mess and freezing cold so a no go zone, maybe if I sand down the parts that are hard to access later (around the neck joint and bridge) I have can finish the rest after it is playing....also I'll know if is worth the effort- or not!!

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