Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Strings on...tomorrow

The top and back are scrapped down to remove all the old varnish and the neck is glued in,  at present it's face down with my valve amp sitting on top of it having its bridge glued on, I wouldn't recommend this technique for a standard acoustic guitar! Face down because I can't access the inside of the body to get the nuts on the two screws that are in the bridge so I fitted two extra long M3 screws dipped in tightbond  and hope that the glue will run down towards the top and make a hard plug around them. I'm a bit nervous about tuning it up because it was very hard to get all of Tanglewood's filler off the back of the bridge so I scored it up best i could. Tomorrow I'll string it up and discover what I have created! Gem or junk! If all is well I'll fit the electronics finish scraping the box and danish oil it.

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