Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Off with it's neck!

Well I could have made it a new solid wood top but I'm not much of a fan of  bowl back guitars and don't really want another regular instrument. So off came the neck! Taking a hack saw to a guitar body some how didn't seem right but I have plans to mate it to a mahogany box I have been meaning to make an instrument from for some time to make a large size cigar box type instrument. I've no idea what it will sound like being all mahogany as well!
I must say I'm not impressed with Tanglewood's building techniques! The neck tenon is glued ...or should I say cemented it with a glue - or filler more like car body filler! I can image them plonking the necks into the over sized sockets  bodies on the production line with a large blob of gloop in the hole!
Next i need to clean the wood from the tenon and remove the bridge.

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